Vision from God

The Late Overseer’s Vision from God

In the year 1986, I had a vision from the Lord. In the vision, I saw a church building and God said unto me, “Build it,” and he showed me the place and the spot where to build. God said, name the church “The Christian Assembly.” I saw the vision several times and decided to check on the price of the land. The land’s price was $92,000 and Satan began to make me think I had missed what God was saying, it was only a dream.

After one year passed, I saw the same vision again and I knew I had to do the will of God. I immediately called to purchase the land and was told I could purchase it for $58,000. The devil said, “You don’t have any money,” but God touched hearts and I was given all the money needed to purchase and landscape the land. My faith was strengthened and I had the charter made for the church.

Time seemed to stand still and people began to ask when I would start to build, but I didn’t give any answers. Finally, after praying with my grandson in Oklahoma City, the Lord gave me direction by showing me the foundation of the church, by faith, I purchased all the concrete needed on credit and set the date for the dedication of the foundation. Once gain my faith was strengthened, because on the day of the dedication I received all the money needed to pay off my credit, Praise the Lord!

After praying exactly one year, God spoke that it was time to build. I stepped out by faith and did the possible, and that allowed God to do the impossible. Miracle after miracle happened, and finally the vision became a reality, praise be to God.

I thank God for having chosen me to establish The Christian Assembly. My life will never be the same because of his wonderful walk of faith that I have taken with God. A special thanks to all those who stood in the gap with me, your help and prayers have helped to make the vision a reality. God bless you.

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